Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Miracle #8-Coming Home

Hi ! My name is Sandi and I met my husband Scott in 2004 . We fell in love and got married in 2005 . We always wanted a family and it was not happening so we started seeking out other options . We did research and decided that we wanted to think about the possibilities of IVF . After much consideration we decided to not do IVF at that time . We waited for awhile and then we started looking at an Adoption Agency . We applied and got approved to go to the next step of being invited to an orientation day . We wanted to start right away but needed to wait for the next one a month away in February 2012. We went through orientation and then started working on our paperwork . We thought oh no how will we ever finish all of this in a timely manner . We worked hard every day to accomplish this and waited for our homestudy . Our homestudy came quickly and then we waited some more . We got our official approval letter 3 weeks later after fingerprints , homestudy , and orientation and paperwork were completed . We were now working on our family profile for expectant families . We were beyond thrilled and started working on things for the nursery . We were told we would most likely be parents in 12 or 13 months . This was the best news !! We waited and waited ! Finally after about 11 months our profile was shown for the first time , but wasn't chosen . Heartbroken , we wanted to know what we had done wrong and why the birth mom didn't like us . We were told it was not us and that the right birthmom would chose us . It was many more months before other opportunities would present itself, but those didn't work out either . We did our homestudy again as it had to be done annually and thought we were getting closer but not yet . Finally, we got a call in December of 2013 that a birth mom was choosing between us and another couple . My heart just pounded out of my chest . She was a mom with an 18 year already and had some health complications and they were not sure if she would make it through delivery . We all said a prayer for mom and baby . We were asked by birth mom's counselor to provide a few more details about us and she would be deciding soon . After 2 more weeks we got the call that we had been chosen to be parents to a sweet baby girl in May . So we waited and prepared and were just so happy we couldn't stand it . Right before the baby was due we had to do another Homestudy Update because it had been another year . We found out the next morning and about one week before the birth that this was a boy and she had not been honest about health or anything and was not going forward . We were devastated . It was so painful but we ended up moving forward and then received our baby girl from the hospital in June !!! Our caseworker called us and asked us if we wanted to come pick up our daughter that afternoon !!! After a few delays we had our baby girl at 5 days old home with us !!!! This baby girl is our family and I truly love her and her birth mom with all my heart !! I hope one day she will want to meet us and meet our sweet girl that we both love and cherish . Hopefully, she will see we all have a part in this amazing little girl's life who is now 17 months old . I get so excited to send pictures and updates and cherish the day when I get the message that birthmom has picked them up and cherishes them as much as us . After the long wait and failed match our little miracle is finally here where she is the light of our lives!!

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