Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Miracle #3- Brandi's Story

When I was an infant, my two older brothers and I were taken from our parents and put in the foster system. Our biological parents struggled with drug and alcohol addictions that prevented them greatly from providing for us. Due to their addictions, our biological parents were also physically abusive. I will always wonder about my birth parents and if they have been able to clean up their lives and be happy, contributing adults in society. But, I will never, ever let my adoption be viewed negatively, as though I am less than all others. My birth parents were given the choice to clean themselves up and go to rehab in order to maintain parental custody. They chose otherwise and felt like that was asking too much of them. In light of that, a judge terminated their parental rights and made us "property" of the state. Though I live with scars that are on my face that are constant reminders of my infancy full of pain, I do not live with emotional scars. I was only twenty four months when my adoptioin was finalized. My parents, the two who chose to not only adopt me, but my two brothers as well, are amazing people. They chose to adopt the three of us together because, after all we had been through, they felt it would be incredibly fair to not have the opportunity to grow up together. My dad is the most hard working man I have ever met and my mom has the sweetest spirit who taught us to find the good in things.

 In a world where evil is so prevelant, my parents CHOSE me. I struggled with my adoption as I child and one question always lingered. I wondered why it was so hard to love the one person that should mean the world to them. As time went on, I realized that I already had that. I found that the minute that those two, caring people chose to take me into their home and into their lives. I found my forever family on December 10, 1994. 

Some adopted children will take their past and repeat it and others, like me, will learn from it and be better because of it. I am grateful for my experience for so many reasons. One of those reasons is because it taught me how to be a great mommy to my baby boy. It taught me the things that I NEED to teach and tell my son. I am forever grateful for that. I want my son to know he is loved and he does. I know he would know that if I hadn't had my experience, but it adds a fire to me to ensure my son, and future children, live an extroardinary life. That can never be repaid.


  1. Love you Brandi, glad we got to part of your ilfe.

  2. Thank you for being so strong, and knowing what you need to do as a parent…. a wonderful example & sweet spirit. This says a lot about your wonderful adoptive parents too. You both were blessed. Privileged to be your friends. Love you.

  3. That is an awesome blog Brandi. Well said.